Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation

Discover the power of informed decision making

Our experts combine extensive industry knowledge with cutting-edge analytical techniques to deliver insights that drive strategic action. Whether it’s measuring program effectiveness, assessing organizational dynamics or evaluating policy impacts, we provide the clarity and precision your organization needs to thrive.


We elevate the essence of informed decision making through research design and execution. Our approach merges scientific rigor with best practice strategies, tailoring research design and implementation methodologies that meet the objectives of our government clients.

Our flexible, collaborative approach informs creative decisions and outcomes. From data collection to in-depth analysis, we transform information into actionable intelligence, empowering your organization to navigate decisions with confidence.

Unlock the power of data with our findings analysis and insights, where we transform complex datasets into actionable intelligence. Our expertise in advanced analytics breathes life into program and policy evaluation, leveraging a mosaic of sources — from surveys to administrative records.

Our seasoned analysts partner with federal agencies to distill vast data streams into clear and useful information, ensuring decisions are informed, strategic and data driven. With Aptive, your data isn’t just numbers — it’s the narrative of your success.

Elevate your initiatives through program evaluation and measurement. Our approach is designed to not only assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your initiatives but also to uncover information that drives continuous improvement.

By integrating state-of-the-art evaluation methodologies and tools with your strategic objectives, we deliver actionable intelligence that ensures your programs are not just meeting targets but exceeding expectations.

Our researchers specialize in designing and customizing methodologies that align with the unique needs and objectives of our clients.


We are dedicated to collecting and analyzing comprehensive, insightful data using a combination of primary and secondary methods. This includes reviewing publicly available data and source materials, conducting in-depth interviews, moderating focus groups, and building surveys.


We collaborate closely with clients and internal teams to ensure that our research meets expectations and informs effective solutions.

Research Model

Our researchers follow the Research, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation (RPIE) model which provides a consistent structure to develop, implement and evaluate deliverables; improve collaboration with internal and external parties; and evolve communications, programmatic and operational solutions and services.

Case Studies

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Research and Evaluation Experts

Chief of staff for major federal agency
This is one of the finest, most comprehensive reports I've seen. The team has done a wonderful job. I want to come to one of your meetings at some point and thank everyone!!
Senior security officer for large government agency
This is absolutely great work. I didn’t realize how critical this effort would be to the plan. You all have been amazing and very helpful. I owe you and I won’t forget it. And I don’t say that lightly. In fact, I rarely do.
Federal health client
There’s no other way to say it: we’d be lost without you!

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