Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Aptive is a mission-driven company that is dedicated to fostering a workplace that values and celebrates diversity, promotes equity, ensures inclusivity, provides equal opportunity and shows respect. Wonderfully diverse, our team is our strongest asset.




We Believe

At Aptive, we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to our success as a company. We strive to create an environment where every employee feels valued, respected and supported, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability or any other characteristic. We are committed to fostering a culture that celebrates diversity and promotes equity and inclusion in all areas of our business.

Our Approach

Led by employee volunteers in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Group, our approach is based on the following principles:

Respect and appreciation for differences

Respect and appreciation for differences

We recognize that everyone has unique experiences, perspectives and talents, and we value and respect those differences. We believe that diversity makes us stronger as a company and enables us to better serve our customers and communities.

Equity and fairness

Equity and fairness

We are committed to creating a fair and equitable workplace where all employees have the opportunity to succeed and thrive. We believe in providing equal access to opportunities, resources and support to all employees, regardless of their background or identity.


Group of young mixed race business people working together in the creative office. Team building concept. Office life. Cooperation

Inclusion and belonging

Inclusion and belonging

We strive to create a workplace where all employees feel included, valued and supported. We believe that every employee should have a sense of belonging and feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work.

Education and accountability

Education and accountability

We are dedicated to educating our people and raising awareness about diversity, equity and inclusion. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving our goals and regularly measure and report our internal progress. We work transparently through leadership and alongside our workforce to embed principles into policies, practices and decision making processes.

Our DEI Actions


Diversity and inclusion training for employees includes comprehensive educational programs and resources aimed at fostering a culture of understanding, empowering employees to challenge biases and actively contribute to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace.


To hire and retain a diverse team, we utilize inclusive hiring practices, establish diverse talent pipelines, foster an inclusive workplace culture and provide growth opportunities and support for underrepresented individuals.

Cultural Learning

To provide cultural learning and sharing opportunities, we organize events and programs that encourage employees to exchange knowledge, experiences and perspectives, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures.


We partner with community organizations to collaborate on initiatives, leverage resources and collectively work towards creating inclusive environments both within Aptive and in the broader community.


We regularly review our policies and practices to ensure they align with principles of equity and inclusivity, fostering an environment that supports and values all employees.


We keep our workforce informed and aware of changes to policies, practices and decision-making processes through transparent communication channels, ensuring employees are well-informed and involved in the company’s evolving landscape.

Our people

Lisa Stanley (she/her/any) Senior Associate

Location: Florida // Military status: Retired U.S. Army // What should companies consider when trying to be more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community? "As someone who has worked for organizations in the past who were not inclusive, the best thing a company can consider is transparency in their efforts. Are they checking the box, or are they honestly incorporating inclusion efforts into their people, programs and policies? If you build supportive environments for us, we will find you. "

Tatyana Padro Miguel (she/her) Associate

“My favorite part of my role within the DEI committee is the opportunity to enact tangible change within Aptive… Witnessing the positive impact these initiatives have on individuals and communities reaffirms the importance of our work. Ultimately, contributing to creating a workspace where everyone feels valued, respected and empowered is the most fulfilling aspect of my role.”

Nikky Greer (she/her) Senior Associate

Military status: Retired U.S. Air Force // “DEI is essential to workplace culture because it creates space for all the ways we are individuals while simultaneously offering tools that can bring people together for a shared purpose. The diversity of human experience our employees bring to work makes us more creative in solving challenging problems for our clients... there is strength in our diversity…and I want to work in a place where our individual differences and collective efforts are respected equally.”

Ariana Paredes-Vincent (she/her) Senior Associate (Research and Data Analyst)

“The DEI committee is full of passionate, thoughtful, kind people who are driven to ensure that Aptive is a workplace where everyone feels included and supported. As the new DEI Data and Evaluation Team Lead, I’m excited to continuously collect and analyze data to identify ways Aptive can become more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible… Being a part of the USF DEI certification cohort was really enriching and allowed me to connect with other Aptivators throughout the company who are also committed to driving DEI efforts forward.”



At Aptive, we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are not just buzzwords or checkboxes to be ticked off, but essential values that must be lived and demonstrated every day. We are committed to creating a workplace that reflects these values and enables all employees to thrive.

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DEI Activities

As a company whose very purpose seeks to make the world a better place, we take meaningful, deliberate actions for our people and the communities around us.

AIDS United at the Pride Parade

Aptivators Jayme Birgy, CSM, and Tatyana Padro Miguel, MPH, volunteered with AIDS United at the Pride Parade in Washington, D.C., to help spread awareness and share resources.

The Mission Continues

Aptivators helped The Mission Continues clean up the grounds at the Douglas Memorial Community Center in Washington, D.C. The Center is among the oldest in D.C. and hosts a variety of after-school programs for schoolchildren in Ward 8. [Photo credits: Courtney Ryan Stills]