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USAID was evolving from an office that administered equal employment opportunity policies to one that worked to increase diversity and inclusion. These values needed to be better reflected in USAID’s branding and employee training.

Focus Areas
  • Strategic Planning
  • Analysis and Research
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Video Production


USAID’s Office of Civil Rights and Diversity (OCRD) required an updated brand identity that was inclusive of LGBT employees and training modules covering LGBT terminology, nondiscrimination and anti-harassment policies, including guidance on appropriate language and behavior. USAID’s global team also required training on LGBT inclusion that could be deployed to far-flung staff in every region where USAID worked.


Aptive created a new brand identity to expand the office’s reach and recall and to promote its value to USAID’s workforce. We developed a progressive logo with bold colors and overlapping link icons. We then created themes, slogans and messages for the agency’s diverse workforce, including staff overseas. New fact sheets, brochures and other pieces of collateral helped the global USAID team learn more about OCRD’s mission and services.

Aptive was also engaged to provide training consulting and video production to update the LGBT inclusion training program. We gathered background research by interviewing USAID OCRD program staff and subject matter experts and conducting international focus groups. The resulting script, training video and materials used simple language and real-world experiences to convey supportive guidance. We submitted several one- to two-minute video clip files in high-resolution, .mov file so that USAID could deliver country-specific training modules in the field. 

Results and Benefits

New, modern logo and identity – USAID’s brand and materials better reflected its diversity and inclusion values.

Detailed operational guidance – USAID staff learned how to integrate LGBT issues into specific programs, how to run stand-alone LGBT support projects and how to access and participate in such programs.

Best practices from the field – Managers had greater access to proven approaches to implement legislative changes and develop local and multinational partnerships.

Region-specific lessons learned – Employees around the world understood the most appropriate ways to talk about LGBT civil rights with host governments and could reference talking points and frequently asked questions for guidance.

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