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Health Care Innovation


Health System Operations & Transformation

Health Systems Transformation

Federal health agencies today have more data at their fingertips than at any other time in their history. From cost savings to customer experience, it’s a scramble to keep up and figure out how to turn “big data” into action. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced health care strategy and design professionals, patient safety and high reliability experts, and certified performance improvement and change management practitioners can help sift through the noise. We crunch through the data to diagnose and fix your operational inefficiencies and we design and deploy the elements necessary to create sustainable change in your core business functions, which will ultimately unlock the full potential of your health system.

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Health Program Evaluation & Measurement

Health Program Evaluation and Measurement

Patient outcome is the only true measure of success in health care. That outcome is the result of a complex delivery web of programs, operations, informatics systems and actions that need to be monitored and assessed to ensure optimal performance. Our team of experienced performance improvement experts deploy a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to assist public health system officials gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their program activities and subsequently plan, design and implement necessary changes to optimize their value to patients.

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Mental Health and Special Populations

The rate of mental illness and emotional distress is on the rise and suicide is among the leading causes of death for adults age 45 and younger. Access to adequate treatment, however, remains difficult. Much of this is due to deficiencies in policy making and program implementation. Our team of behavioral health scientists, policy development professionals and program implementation experts understand that combating mental health issues and reducing the rate of suicide requires the engagement and commitment of people in many sectors, both inside and outside of government. Our experts help design, build and implement customized prevention strategies, frameworks and approaches that meet the needs of any population, be it general or specific to an at-risk group such as adults or adolescents, military members or veterans, or LGBTQIA+ populations.

Health Professional Leadership & Training

Health Education and Technical Assistance

Leadership is the driving force for change in any organization. As the health care industry continues to evolve, so too must its leaders. The future of health care requires institutions to develop, nurture and promote those that are inventive, collaborative, forward-looking, customer-oriented and more value-based. We offer an extensive team of public health researchers and leadership experts with a diversity of perspectives and experiences to provide the training and technical assistance solutions you need to develop informed leaders that can help shape the future of health care.



Solutions that connect health care patients and providers to improved systems, outcomes and access to care

Health care is in a constant state of flux. Technological advancements, shifts in population demographics, changing attitudes towards individual wellness and health and ever-evolving patterns of disease and illnesses create significant challenges for everyone. We help navigate these hurdles by providing advanced public health care operations and performance improvement solutions that connect people and systems as a generator for better care, and better outcomes for individual health and wellbeing.

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