VHA’s Office of Patient Advocacy Selects Aptive for Strategic Communications and Branding Support


VHA’s Office of Patient Advocacy Selects Aptive for Strategic Communications and Branding Support

Posted on 02.22.21

The Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Office of Patient Advocacy (OPA) awarded Aptive a five-year contract to provide strategic communications support and build an organizational brand that communicates VHA’s vision and purpose for its Patient Advocacy Program to internal and external stakeholders.

The Patient Advocacy Program is for all Veterans and their families who receive care at VHA facilities and clinics. The program ensures Veterans have someone to go to with their concerns in a timely manner and helps them receive care.

In addition to strategic communications and branding, Aptive will help the program by conducting outreach activities; developing materials, trainings, web designs and videos; developing strategies and plans; and conducting data analysis and evaluation.

“We can’t wait to help OPA strengthen its communications capability to improve the experience of Veterans and their families,” said Aly Glick, Aptive Vice President for Communications and Marketing. “We are thrilled to share our strategic communications, analytics and digital content production expertise to strengthen OPA’s outreach capabilities; celebrate the dedicated professionals who work as patient advocates; and provide Veterans and their families with the best possible experience.”

The Office of Patient Advocacy was established in 2017 as directed by the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), Public Law 114-198. The Office ensures patient advocacy on behalf of Veterans with respect to health care delivery received and sought by Veterans, provides training in patient advocacy and reporting, and carries out the responsibilities detailed in the legislation.


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