Creating a People-First Company Culture

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Creating a People-First Company Culture

Posted on 6.28.23

In a recent article, OrangeSlices AI discusses Aptive’s reputation for putting people first and highlights the various ways, through specialized training, DEI initiatives, fostering innovation and volunteer programs, it supports a people-first culture.

Bagel Mondays and casual Fridays may have boosted employee morale in the past, but in the post-pandemic world, people want and expect more — much more — from their employers. They want the flexibility to be partly or fully remote; to set their own schedules; to feel safe at work, physically and psychologically; and to be challenged, appreciated and well compensated. They also want a company’s culture, which includes its mission, values and priorities, to reflect what matters to them and to make them feel like they belong. A majority of employees even put culture above salary when it comes to job satisfaction.   

Here we learn how Aptive Resources, a consulting company that uses creativity, technology and human-centered services to improve organizational performance and customer experience, backs its reputation on putting people first.

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