Podcast: A Deep Dive Into Tele-Pain Neuromodulation

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Podcast: A Deep Dive Into Tele-Pain Neuromodulation

Posted on 01.26.23

What is tele-pain neuromodulation and what are its benefits?

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In this podcast with FedHealthIT, clinical psychologist and Aptive expert Dr. Ralph Monte discusses the benefits and uses of Tele-Pain Neuromodulation (TP-NM). TP-NM is a noninvasive brain stimulation that involves the application of low amplitude direct current via surface electrodes on the scalp. It is used as a treatment for conditions like Parkinson’s disease because of its capability to influence cognitive, motor and behavioral processes.

Dr. Monte is a clinical psychologist specializing in chronic pain, working at the University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the University of Maryland School of Medicine, assisting with the Pain Medicine Fellowship training program.

As the pain psychologist at the University of Maryland’s Pain Management Center, he provides behavioral health services to assist patients in coping with their chronic pain. In addition, he evaluates potential candidates for pain neuromodulation treatment, as patients may be considered for potential implantation of spinal cord stimulators and other such devices to further manage pain issues. Dr. Monte also works with Aptive, where he supports the Veteran Health Administration’s initiative to further develop their Tele-Pain Neuromodulation Program.