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Federal Consulting Internship, Fellowship and Residency Program

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Are you looking for real-world experience to complement your graduate studies and prepare you for a career at a management consulting firm? Our paid federal government consulting internship, fellowship and residency program trains participants how to deliver health system transformation, enterprise-level change and operational support to federal clients like the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Ideal candidates for this program are self-starters with strong skills in communication, writing, critical thinking and client engagement who are eager to learn about federal agencies and federal consulting. You must currently be enrolled in, or recently graduated from, an accredited college or university and pursuing a graduate degree in business administration, health care management, health care administration, public health or related fields while participating in the program.


Aptive’s Health Solutions team hosts interns, residents and fellows as part of its Federal Consulting Internship Program. Each member of the program collaborates with experienced consultants and project teams to support federal agencies by performing research analysis, developing presentations, responding to client requests and assisting with other related tasks.

To qualify for internship and residency roles, candidates must be enrolled and pursuing a graduate degree in business administration, health care management, health care administration, public health or related fields at an accredited college or university while participating in the internship. Fellows may be either current graduate students or recent graduates of a master’s or doctoral level program.

Those selected for the program receive meaningful, real-world experience in research, planning, implementation and evaluation, developing both hard and soft skills through their experience working with Aptive and the federal government. In many cases, internship placements have even led to full time employment opportunities with Aptive.

Program options include:


  • Interns: Our internships are designed for high-performing graduate students, often in the early stages of their studies. Aptive interns are involved in various aspects of the consulting process and may assist with quantitative and qualitative research, help develop recommendations for federal agencies, participate in solutions sessions and contribute to clear communication and coordination among stakeholders. Interns gain practical experience and develop both hard and soft skills relevant to federal health care management consulting. This practical exposure helps them connect classroom concepts to real-world scenarios and build a foundation for future health care administration careers.
  • Residents: Aptive residents are typically high-performing graduate students who have completed their formal education are undergoing a period of hands-on training within Aptive as a graduation requirement. This experience allows them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations and gain practical insights into the day-to-day operations of federal health care consulting environments. They work closely with experienced consultants, engage in research and analysis and contribute to client projects to transform health care systems within federal agencies.
  • Fellows: Our fellowships are designed for people who have completed their master’s degree and are seeking advanced expertise in a specialized area, or graduate students who have completed their internship or initial training and are ready to engage in a more advanced level of specialized study or project work. This involves conducting in-depth research, developing recommendations or contributing to strategic initiatives related to federal health care management consulting. Fellowships provide opportunities to work closely with mentors, contribute to innovative solutions and potentially publish findings or recommendations. Fellows at Aptive complete a capstone project prior to the end of their fellowship.

Interns, Residents and Fellows


Our interns come from across the United States. No matter where you hail from, our internships provide experiences, relationships and development opportunities to help launch your Aptive career.