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Health Systems Transformation

Health Systems Transformation

Health care delivery needs are constantly evolving in response to internal and external stimuli. Policy reform, advances in health care delivery modalities (e.g., virtual health), and shifts in demographic and illness trends necessitate health care systems and interventions to change, often rapidly. Health systems are required to make strategic decisions about how to focus energy, money and time to keep pace with innovations, comply with regulatory mandates and improve health outcomes. As needs for health systems continue to evolve, ensuring technology, business models and processes, regulations and providers are responsive will rapidly advance necessary transformation for effective health care delivery.

What Does Transformation Require?

Health systems transformation is an approach to better anticipate and respond to an evolving health care landscape. Transformation looks different for every organization and the steps to achieve the desired future state will vary depending on each organization’s need. An organization’s ability to successfully adapt establishes a foundation for increased efficiency, improved health care delivery and ultimately better patient outcomes. Aptive uses evidence-informed methods, which are necessary to building a systematic and comprehensive approach to health systems transformation.


  • Data Analysis
  • Organizational Planning and Management
  • Systems Thinking
  • Program Evaluation
  • Communications and Change Management
  • Quality and Safety
Data Analysis

We advance our client’s data-driven missions by applying an analytical approach to collect, extract, interpret, and communicate their data. Our technical expertise enables us to effectively translate complex data, which helps inform decisions and achieve real-world solutions. Our capabilities extend throughout data science including machine learning, data processing and modeling, artificial intelligence, and data visualization.

Organizational Planning and Management

We work with our clients to engage in strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning and establish a framework to achieve their organizational goals. Our organizational planning and management capabilities set our clients up for success by preparing them to rapidly respond to changing environments.

Systems Thinking

Our team applies a systems thinking approach to assess all factors and relationships in a system. We empower our clients by outlining how to achieve the best possible outcome using our knowledge of how these factors interact, particularly in large and often complex health systems.

Program Evaluation

Our subject matter experts apply scientific methods to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of programs across health systems and to ensure they are producing the intended outcomes. The insights from our evaluations provide a better understanding of how to better manage resources, identify areas for improvement, and provide accountability for stakeholders.

Communications and Change Management

Health systems transformation requires effective communication and change management to increase awareness, knowledge, and desire to support organizational change. Our subject matter experts provide strategic communications to outline key messaging across identified channels and tactics. We apply best practices in change management to assess organizational readiness, build change capability, and equip employees and leadership with the tools to successfully adopt and sustain change.

Quality and Safety

Our approach prioritizes improving quality and safety in health care as a cornerstone to any health systems transformation. We provide subject matter experts to assess the current state of quality and safety and develop and implement quality improvement initiatives at each level of the health system. Our team focuses on collaboration, accountability, and best practices in high reliability to drive change and create better outcomes for patients.

Aptive’s Health Systems Transformation Approach

Aptive is a trusted partner to several organizations undergoing transformational change. Every change is different, so our health care transformation approach uses a customizable, multifaceted framework to meet the organization where they are. We assess needs and gaps, develop a strategy, implement industry best practices, evaluate the success of the change and ensure sustainable change.

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