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Aptive delivers solutions that connect government agencies to citizens, consumers to brands, employees to technology, and leaders to new ways of doing business. We work with our clients to reinforce their values, shape perceptions, drive change and achieve goals.

Led by CEO Rachele Cooper, a Navy Veteran and aerospace engineer, Aptive is a trusted partner and consulting services provider for organizations seeking to accomplish strategic transformations, improve performance and leverage modern technology. Aptive is an ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI L3 certified business and has supported the federal government for more than a decade across a range of high-profile programs.

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What Sets Us Apart

At Aptive, our values have always mattered. They guide every decision and enable us to make a meaningful difference in our world. Aptive is:

  • Values driven. Aptive chooses challenging projects that make a meaningful, positive differences in our community, society and world.
  • Entrepreneurial. We empower our staff and project teams to take ownership of their work, challenge the status quo and find new ways to get better results.
  • Collaborative. We encourage staff and project teams to embrace diverse opinions, strive to innovate and deliver solutions that produce meaningful outcomes for our clients.
  • Transparent. Communication is key — we encourage information to flow from the top down, the bottom up and across projects and programs.
  • Flexible and balanced. We offer our employees the flexibility to get the job done and maintain work-life balance.

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Years of experience.

Aptive is led and staffed by professionals with decades of combined experience in information technology, organizational change management, strategic communications, marketing and outreach, and creative design. We have experience on issues involving civil rights, electronic health records, financial readiness, geospatial intelligence, health care, homelessness, human resources, privacy, shared services, suicide prevention, substance use, Veterans’ benefits and more. Our professionals are certified experts in program management, change management and Lean Six Sigma and have won awards in graphics and user centric design.

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Aptive’s capabilities are continually assessed and verified through a combination of industry-recognized certifications. Our certifications from respected accreditation bodies demonstrate and validate our commitment to quality and rigor. They cover all Aptive practice areas and corporate operations. This provides customers a high level of assurance that we deliver and operate secure, high-quality solutions.

We maintain the following certifications:


Assurance that we develop, manage and maintain services repeatably with a high level of quality assurance.

ISO 9001

Assurance that our deliverables are on time and meet stringent quality standards.


Assurance that we deliver efficient and reliable information technology services subject to regular monitoring, review and improvement.

IAS Gcerts logo

Assurance that we have a validated approach for managing information security including management of physical and electronic information and the treatment of internal and external risks across our technology-driven solutions.



Aptive is a modern consulting firm focused on human experience, digital services and business transformation.

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