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We know communications that engage target audiences at the right time, in the right place and with the right message are imperative to success. Aptive helps shape perspectives, increase demand, launch new products, reach target audiences and drive missions forward.

Here’s how we implement strategic communications:

  • We develop and execute data-driven communications and marketing strategies to educate, motivate and engage.
  • We work with you to develop strategic communications plans that are based on research, contain specific marketing and outreach objectives, and include metrics for success.
  • We create awareness campaigns that inform audiences, generate excitement and encourage action using proven approaches and impactful materials.
Aptive's transformational Strategic Communications services include:
Actionable Campaigns

No matter the scope — local or national, niche or broadly focused — Aptive campaigns are based on research and best practices. Our team defines your value proposition, assesses your strengths and competition, analyzes audiences and creates messages that resonate with audiences. Then we develop and execute integrated strategic marketing plans that propel organizational and behavior change.

Innovative Designs

Our award-winning creative team applies years of experience in design to create compelling visuals that get noticed and get results. We create identities that effectively communicate an organization’s or a campaign’s message in every application and across every media channel. From fact sheets and brochures to presentations and websites, we craft powerful products that help you reach and inspire your audiences.

Effective Marketing and Advertising

Aptive’s outreach specialists use partnership development and free and paid media to fill gaps in services and amplify your reach among audiences. We put you in touch with change-makers, create ambassador programs and track relationships. Our digital and paid media campaigns combine innovative and traditional tactics designed to reach every demographic.

Video Production and Motion Graphics

From concept to script to screen, Aptive delivers full service production services to develop videos that grab viewers' attention and deliver an emotional punch. We have developed video testimonials that put a face on an important or sensitive topic, public service announcements that educate target audiences on key issues, motion graphics that walk audiences through the impact of a transformational effort and videos that support live events and training.

Data Driven Approaches

All our communications and marketing campaigns are metrics-based. We build evaluation in from the beginning, so we can measure performance and continually optimize our campaigns. This drives data-driven decisions and keeps us focused on achieving our clients’ goals.

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