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Organizations often must carry out large-scale changes and complex initiatives that alter their culture, business models and day-to-day operations. Aptive helps you manage the people side of change. Aptive’s Prosci®-certified change management practitioners and specialists in the ADKAR model support organizational change management (OCM) to help you prepare for, manage and reinforce change.

Here’s how we help you implement change across your organization:

  • We learn how individuals process change, gauge the change-readiness of the organization and assess the barriers to success.
  • We conduct research and Prosci®-specific assessments and create OCM plans mapped the phases of change.
  • We implement OCM plans touching on governance, stakeholder engagement, marketing and communications, training, resistance management and evaluation.
Aptive's transformational Organizational Change Management services include:
Awareness and Knowledge Management

Aptive works to create understanding of why the change is happening and how it impacts them and their organization’s mission or strategic plan. Our teams develop campaigns to articulate the nature of the change and answer why it is necessary. We provide the story and infographics to explain business drivers and opportunities while also explaining the risk of not changing.

Adoption Accelerators

We help people quickly adapt and become skilled in using new systems or processes. We understand the individual is the unit of change -- our approach measures individual progress as a leading indicator of overall project success. We deploy surveys, tests, assessments, observation, and performance evaluations to inform and adapt approaches.

Resistance Management

Our plans result in organizations that encounter less resistance to change and greater willingness to improve outcomes. We anticipate barriers early so they can be planned for, addressed or eliminated upfront. We consider where resistance is likely to come from and the objections or concerns that drive resistance – the root causes – and then act on them ahead of time.

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