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Health Education and Technical Assistance

Successful learning has emerged as a strategic imperative for retaining talent, strengthening communities and affecting change. Through innovative education and effective technical assistance interventions, we help clients improve performance and maximize impact.

Our experts draw on deep expertise in education and implementation to best meet the needs of our clients. Continuous quality improvement, collaboration and capacity building make for strong partnerships with our clients. We offer an extensive team of public health researchers and leadership experts with diverse perspectives and experiences to provide the education and technical assistance solutions you need to cultivate informed leaders that can help shape the future of health care.


We address the country’s most pressing problems–from infectious disease and environmental factors to educational outcomes and health care quality–using sound training and evidence-based implementation strategies. Spanning diverse populations geographies and sectors, we bring data-driven, solutions-oriented education, training, and technical assistance to our engagements with the federal government and communities across the country. Using our proven collaborative methods and tools, we create capacity to achieve sustainable healthcare outcomes and advance equity.


  • Organizational Needs Assessments
  • Leadership Training and Coaching
  • Instructional Design and Curriculum Development
  • Training Development, Delivery and Evaluation
  • Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building
  • Technical Assistance
Organizational Needs Assessments

Effective training is based on the identification of the right learning objectives, most often identified through a needs assessment. Our needs assessment solutions are designed to address specific health education issues and help organizations better respond to identified needs. Using a best practice framework for conducting high quality needs assessments, our approach combines data from multiple sources to assess both existing assets and current needs. Services are tailed to specific client needs and may include survey development, administration, analysis, interview and focus groups, data presentations and action planning.

Leadership Training and Coaching

Leadership development matters because the actions and attitudes of leaders drive performance in several ways: improving employee engagement, enhancing productivity and cultivating an innovative and inclusive business culture. Aptive’s leadership training and coaching services deploy a full spectrum of solutions to help health care organizations shape the leaders they need and drive business growth. We use a values-driven and operational leadership development methodology, grounded in cutting-edge behavioral science to help people build new capabilities every day and adapt their behaviors within the context of daily routines. Our experienced executive coaches help leaders identify optimal behaviors and reinforce new ways of working that drives effective results.

Instructional Design and Curriculum Development

We develop cohesive and effective training curriculums through the identification and analysis of the complex skillsets needed to achieve organizational goals. We design effective, interactive learning in all modalities including traditional classroom, synchronous online learning, asynchronous eLearning, microlearning and digital job aids. Our services include instructional planning and design, delivery, coordination and evaluation to address the unique learning challenges our health care clients face. Equipping our clients with state-of-the-art tools and resources, we help them address their educational priorities while staying current with sector trends. This enables more efficient and effective administration of education programs as well as improved sustainability for long-term growth.

Training Development, Delivery and Evaluation

The pursuit of knowledge and continuous performance improvement are integral parts of every health care organization’s success. But for today’s workforce, it can be challenging to keep pace with the latest learning trends, technologies and regulations. We combine best practices with technology to provide our clients with memorable learning experiences and measurable outcomes. Services include curriculum design, training delivery, learning community management and training evaluation. We develop, execute and measure best-in-class learning and performance programs that maximize the talent of employees and multiply the impact of our clients’ work.

Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building

Whether it’s in the design of a patient satisfaction survey, or strengthening a health care system, our goal is to build the technical and organizational capacity of organizations at the national, state and community levels. Through participatory processes with local stakeholders leveraging best practices in organization capacity assessment and building, we develop and tailor context-specific tools and processes to successfully transfer knowledge, measure performance and strengthen capacity. Related services include developing performance management frameworks, standardized tools, technical assistance and data quality assessments to review the effectiveness of reporting systems and data quality and integrity.

Technical Assistance

We work with federal program offices, field support leaders, health care facility staff, and grantees to design and implement end-to-end technical assistance programs. We use implementation science principles, industry expertise, and Prosci change management methodologies to assess current state, set targets, and provide tailored support to help clients achieve organizational or initiative objectives.

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