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The ways we work, educate and communicate are increasingly dependent on digital platforms. Aptive designs, builds and integrates systems to improve organizational performance and empower users.

Here’s our approach to digital services:

  • We blend user centric design, agile engineering, and analytics to build modern technology that connects.
  • We provide scale, experience, acceleration, and intelligence to help IT organizations rapidly develop and integrate technology that disrupts the status quo and inspires their customers.
  • We automate processes between software development and operations teams to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably.
  • We leverage ITIL and Lean methodologies to standardize and optimize technology operations and end user services.
Aptive's transformational Digital Services include:
System Engineering

We bring expertise in critical transformation technologies, including API-first design, cloud platforms, data analytics and integrated security to help our clients envision and realize the future. With a combination of design thinking, agile development and lean start-up methods, our approach enables organizations to accelerate their return on investment.

Human-Centered Design

Successful digital products put people first. We help you understand the complete user journey to deliver a context-driven experience—by humans, for humans. We design systems and experiences that forge relationships. Combining human-centered design with data science, we understand both what end users and customers do, and why they do it. Our solutions are infused with empathy for as well as insights into motivations, behaviors and values.

Data Analysis

We assess your current data management processes and tools and work with you to create a data strategy that adapts to future change. We use predictive modeling, natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to establish connections. We build visually compelling, intuitive analytics dashboards that empower your employees to react to emerging trends and monitor the pulse of business activity.

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