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In order to perform its mission, the Deparment of Commerce recognized its bureaus must have access to high quality mission support services in the core functional areas of Human Resources (HR), Acquisitions, Financial Management and Information Technology (IT). To deliver on the objective the DOC completed a comprehensive, Department-wide assessment and planning effort to determine how a shared services delivery model could be designed and leveraged to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mission support services. 

Focus Areas
  • Campaign Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Writing and Editing


This massive undertaking required smart change management and clear communications to everyone affected by this adjustment. Management needed buy-in of its plans and employees needed reassurance that the new approach would be easy to adopt and beneficial for their careers.


To launch the shared services platform, Aptive drafted simple, clear communications targeted to each stakeholder up, down and across the organization. We worked closely with senior leadership to assess the current state of support from the point of view of the customer, which guided communications.

We then wrote strategic planning products such as enterprise services reference guides, presentations and frequently asked questions. We helped lead change management initiatives across multiple organizational components to support the transition to shared services, using agencywide and bureau-specific strategies to engage employees in the upcoming transformation.

Results and Benefits

More informed employees – Employees became less resistant to change and more ready to adopt new processes.

Better prepared leaders – Senior leaders received tools to drive excellence, including communications toolkits, master schedules and dashboard reports.

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