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The Department of Defense (DoD) recognizes the special circumstances that make up military life, including deployments and frequent relocations, and the financial complexities that result from these unique challenges.

Focus Areas
  • Analysis and Research
  • Competitive and Landscape Analyses
  • Data Analysis and Business Intelligence
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Training Materials Development


DoD is charged with helping the military community attain financial readiness and stability throughout their careers. To support the military’s mission readiness, DoD engaged a partner to help in its mission to provide financial literacy and management information, guidelines, tools and resources for service members, their families and the U.S. Armed Services.


As part of a large multidisciplinary team, Aptive created and implemented strategic communications related to the military’s transition to the new Blended Retirement System (BRS). We provided the background, strategy and tactics needed to ensure that all eligible active-duty, National Guard and Reserve service members, and their families, fully understood the BRS and could decide the best course of action. We also prepared military leaders, personal financial managers and financial readiness partners to support BRS implementation. Aptive also developed and distributed BRS-related articles, brochures, fliers and other materials highlighting aspects of program.

In addition to implementing the BRS plan, we’re also supporting these activities to boost military financial readiness:

  • Provide research and analysis for strategic communications campaigns about military financial readiness.
  • Conduct landscape audits and provide recommendations, reports, and messaging and outreach strategies.
  • Contribute to focus groups and interview stakeholders to find out what they know and need to know.
  • Develop multiple communications plans, including for military student loan interest relief and Military Saves Week.
  • Deliver presentations on digital strategy to senior Pentagon officials.
  • Provide logistics and notetaking support at federal agency meetings and events attended by senior officials.
  • Monitor social media platforms and evaluate their performance.
  • Use Meltwater for research-related tasks and to collect social listening data.
  • Conduct independent research on partners and financial policies.
  • Provide competitive analyses to information recommendations designed to improve communications to millennial service members.

Results and Benefits

Increased awareness – More military members and families have information related to retirement options, credit card debt resolution, student loan relief and other programs.

More tools – New interest rate and mortgage calculators, educational quizzes, the Sen$e mobile app and website help military personnel and families assess their financial health and make educated financial decisions.

Better equipped leaders and counselors – Personal financial counselors and military leaders have new and constantly updated educational and training resources, including financial literacy and readiness communications products.

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