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VA’s Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs (OPIA) strives to ensure nine million annually-enrolled Veterans, their care providers, families, the media and lawmakers receive the information they need regarding VA’s four missions—Veterans Health Care, Veterans Benefits, National Cemeteries and the vital “Fourth Mission” - supporting America in response to war, terrorism, national emergencies and natural disasters. OPIA acts as the communications liaison between VA and federal, state, local, American Indian and Native Alaskan Government officials.

Focus Areas
  • Traditional media and social media monitoring and reporting
  • Machine learning and AI-enabled data capture and integration
  • Executive briefs and presentations
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Passive and active media collection
  • Qualitative and quantitative public relations research


VA OPIA needed high volume media clipping services and Executive Briefs regarding media coverage across traditional national and local news and social media coverage. These services were needed to support the VA Secretary and his leadership team in their decision-making, and to determine the best allocation of resources to capture and respond to Veterans’ concerns and emerging developments.


Aptive’s media analysts use commercial off-the-shelf and innovative, customer-tailored, machine learning-enabled solutions to support OPIA’s communications mission. We provide OPIA with adaptive and comprehensive media monitoring and analytics services through a whole narrative approach regardless of the medium. Working collaboratively to understand the customer decision-making process, objectives and areas of friction and potential at the local, regional and federal levels, we deliver easy-to-digest and actionable results to Executive leadership and VA employees across America to help VA accomplish its four missions.


In addition to captured social media data, the daily analysis and synthesis of relevant coverage and content spans more than 400,000 media outlets. We present media analysis in more than 60 products per month distributed across VA, including at the Cabinet level, and we provide on-demand research and reporting services. These products are in the form of daily media reports and monthly media analysis briefs that provide VA with actionable material they can use to tailor public affairs efforts. As part of collaborative innovation with VA, we expanded the scope of collection, identified key metrics, and integrated machine learning and natural language processing to create a Veteran-specific lexicon and sentiment scoring system unique to VA and its customers. Adapting a broader text as data approach to traditional public relations practices, we provide the ability to better reconcile disparate conversations to provide data-driven media monitoring and trend analysis. This supports OPIA as an integral information provider serving Veterans.

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