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The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) warns stakeholders of potential fraud issues and raises awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities through their Protect Your Move campaign.

Focus Areas
  • Integrated media planning and execution
  • Consumer marketing
  • Strategy development
  • Innovative advertising


As part of FMCSA’s mission to improve commercial motor vehicle safety and reduce crashes involving large trucks and buses, the agency needs to have a deeper understanding into the audience it needs to reach and how to inspire them to action with safer results.


Aptive leads the Protect Your Move campaign, a multifaceted strategic communications and multi-phased awareness effort. Our team provides FMCSA strategic guidance, creation of promotional and informational artifacts, video production, outreach methods, nontraditional tactic approaches and consumer analysis research to promote employment information.

We instituted a strategic plan. Aptive conducted communication audits of current messages, tactics and channels to develop an extensive rebranding plan and strategy to guide our approach.  Our team established varying strategies and messages across multiple mediums to boost awareness among the military community. Our outreach methodology used social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to promote tips, videos and other resources.  

We revived the brand. The success of this campaign was based on a robust research and engagement analysis of FMCSA’s consumers and constituents. We revamped traditional media methods and reinvented non-traditional tactics that brought a meaningful impact to the marketing and advertising solutions of the Protect Your Move campaign to ultimately that inspired perception.


Optimization and Targeting: Using data and analytics to evaluate the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Protect Your Move campaign, Aptive helped DOT optimize their campaign away from demographic- and geographic-based targeting toward a behavioral-based approach, increasing their click through rate to 2.80% while decreasing cost per click to $0.97, well below the industry average of $2.69.

Campaign Launch: Aptive launched the first phase of the PYM awareness campaign with much success, reporting a higher search and social click-through-rate than previous DOT campaigns with other vendors.  

Among its top accomplishments the campaign drove 79% of total traffic and increased visits to FMCSA’s mover-search tool page by 475%, a vast overperformance of its previously set page goals.

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