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Efficient and effective information technology (IT) within the VA is a key enabler of VA’s mission to provide customer service, stability and quality care to our nation’s Veterans. The Office of Information and Technology (OIT) develops, maintains and operates VA’s internal IT systems and services. OIT’s Talent Management Office (TMO) enables OIT to continually evaluate and improve its IT services for VA employees and contractors through TMO’s Customer Service Improvement (CSI) Program. CSI gathers data and conducts research to gain a holistic customer perspective on the service OIT delivers.

Focus Areas
  • Customer satisfaction measurement and reporting
  • Customer service improvement
  • Net promoter score measurement
  • Data analytics and research
  • Customer-facing and internal communications


TMO’s CSI Program performance and quality objectives requires the planning, execution and analysis of monthly survey data and comprehensive annual surveys measuring VA satisfaction with OIT’s services. In addition, the CSI Program presents its findings to OIT leadership and the workforce to support the organization’s customer satisfaction efforts.


We created a unique survey strategy. Team Aptive refined and implemented an anonymous survey for calendar year 2019 targeting all VA employees and contractors who use VA IT systems. Our goal was to gauge their satisfaction with those systems, identify specific areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and collect longitudinal data across VA regions and facilities. The results of the annual survey are analyzed using the American Customer Satisfaction Index, an internationally-recognized measure of satisfaction within a given population, which was developed and licensed by Aptive team member CFI Group. We also conduct monthly customer experience surveys to selected cross-sections of the VA to determine trends in user satisfaction and a metric called Net Promoter Score – a measure of the percentage who are favorably impressed with the service they receive from OIT compared to the percentage who are unfavorably inclined. Team Aptive analyzes and reports the results of these surveys to OIT leadership, OIT managers and the OIT community through briefings, newsletters and dashboards.

We stood up a communications framework to support and advance the CSI Program: Team Aptive is developing a series of training videos, infographics and newsletters to promulgate best practices for IT Customer Service. These tools are for use by local IT customer support teams, the national helpdesk (Enterprise Service Desk) and the self-service service request system (YourIT). These materials are based on the CSI Program’s “The Eight Habits of Highly Effective IT Professionals,” a framework derived from industry best practices. In the initial six months of the contract, Team Aptive produced scripts and graphics for six training videos, created and distributed to OIT an “Eight Habits of Highly Effective IT Professionals” infographic and published the first edition of a monthly newsletter for the OIT workforce.


Team Aptive received positive responses to our communications and training from OIT managers. Anecdotal reporting from VA Area Managers responsible for IT support at VA facilities indicate they are using these materials to train and motivate their local workforce, and that they are looking forward to additional materials.

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